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  • When supplying information for Table plans, Place names, Menus, Table names and order of service, please send a detailed word or excel document.

    Please supply Guest Names for Invitations, as you would like them to be printed eg:

    Sandra & Keith Or Sandra and Keith

    Please supply Guest Names, as you would like them to be printed for the table plan and place names eg:

    Table 1

    Sandra Polton
    Keith Polton
    Louise Angus
    Alastair Angus
    Aimee Hudson
    Rob Hudson
    Helen Okoth
    Nick Okoth

    Please note that Table plan, Place names, Menu, Table names and order of service information needs to be provided at
    least 6 weeks before your wedding.

    Please supply your guest names on a separate word document in a list, as you wish them to be printed - we will then copy
    and paste in to our design programs, so please use upper and lowercase characters and either use an ampersand (&) or the word
    "and" in-between each name. e.g.

    Louise & Alastair Angus
    Keith & Sandra Polton


    Louise and Alastair Angus
    Keith ans Sandra Polton

    Please also supply addresses in the same fashion, in either a Word Document or Excel Document.

    Upon payment we will order in all the necessary materials to make up your order. Once we receive your information we will
    input it all ready for print and email you proofs.

    Please make sure you have supplied your information correctly, as after we supply the proofs, we only allow one set of changes.
    There after changes are chargeable.


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